Merchant Feature: Tavola

August 13, 2020 in General

Name: Tony Diem
Title: Pizzaiolo

What inspired you to open Tavola? I was inspired by my love for pizza. Also, I wanted to offer Downtown Allentown a unique pizza experience.

What makes your pizza different from others in the Lehigh Valley? The pizza crust. We take our dough through a 72 hours process at a low temperature. This develops the crust with irregular air pockets, making it tender and chewy while giving it a crisp delicate bottom. This is a Roman invention known as pizza al taglio.

Why did you want to open your restaurant in Downtown Allentown? I was excited to be a part of the city’s revitalization.

What’s your favorite part of being in the Downtown Allentown Market? I love the diversity of restaurants in the Market.

What’s your signature menu item? Margherita al taglio.

Do you serve alcoholic beverages? Yes, we serve wine by the glass and also offer a wide variety of craft beers.

Will you be adding any new menu items this year? We have a couple of items in the beginning stages of development. I’ll just say they’ll be cheesy and tasty!

What do you like to do for fun when you’re not making your signature pizza? I like playing disc golf with my family. I also enjoy any activity involving my family.